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What’s it about?

Men for Recovery is an online support community of men. We help each other recover from various addictions, trauma, and other debilitating mindsets. We lead each other to freedom – for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Men for Recovery helps men reach their potential, and become the kind of men they are meant to be: healthy, strong, successful and confident. We teach each other how to go from continual wanting, craving, and needing, to being givers and having more than enough.

What We Offer


Call it a coach, a mentor, or a tutor if you want. The point is, we all need someone to help show us the way. This is true whether you’re a professional basketball player or an addict struggling to overcome the drugs, toxic relationships, or whatever else is making your life insane. When you get right down to it, it’s really all the same – we all need a coach. Men for Recovery delivers, providing both group and one-on-one coaching and mentoring opportunities for all of our members.


Men for Recovery hosts regular energetic speaker events and workshops on a diversity of relevant topics. We believe that teaching men to develop skills in communication, relationships, wellness, spirituality are critical to building confidence, creating new opportunities, and achieving success


Men for Recovery provides timely, relevant, and professionally made courses that can help guide men to a better understanding of who they are, what they truly want, and how to begin making progress toward achieving their goals. Men for Recovery courses are self-paced, and designed to help members discover and grow into what is right for them.


At Men for Recovery, we provide regular challenges that strengthen, motivate, and remind each of us that we are part of a team, that we all are leaders, and that we truly need and depend on each other. Whether it’s a thirty-day challenge to mediate, journal, or maybe even to do push-ups, having a commitment to our brothers to show up and get the job done strengthens us as much, if not more, than the meditation or the journaling or exercises.


Connection is critical for recovery. Studies and decades of experience demonstrate that disconnection and isolation are like the rocket fuel to all kinds of dysfunction. Being part of a recovery community is the perfect antidote, because it provides the opportunity to identify and connect with others who can truly relate. It allows people to find the encouragement, support, and accountability that can be the game changer in helping you find a new way to live.


We believe that all men are leaders. Becoming aware and improving the quality of our influence and leadership to others is a core principle we teach: we do not become better men just for ourselves – we do it to provide, serve and be a light to others. The good news is that we do not learn to do this by becoming or acting like someone we are not; instead, we learn it by becoming more comfortable with who we truly are.

Join us on the journey

Join us on the journey – and buckle Up for the ride of your life!

Men for recovery founder

Hi, I’m Don!

Today I love my life – I’m truly living the dream. But there was a time when it was anything but that – I was living an absolute nightmare.

Because of recovery, I was able to turn it around in an amazing way. And because I was able to do that, I know that you can, too.

I want you to know that no matter where you are at, there is hope. You can recover and build a life you truly love. Do yourself a favor – hit me up and find out more!